Dictionary of Scottish Arts and Architecture

Valid XHTML1.1 & CSS The Book: This volume is the result of exhaustive research over 16 years and contains biographical information for almost 12,000 entries. In addition to every Scottish artist who has exhibited in a major national or regional Academy or Society, all the known earlier artists are included as well as others who have had a significant influence on the development of Scottish art down the centuries. Also all architects of principal buildings and town plans, leading Scottish designers, illustrators and masons, histories of national Academies, art societies, Schools of Art, the genesis and development of artistic movements. This is the revised second edition of the first fully comprehensive book on the subject.

The Author: Dr Peter McEwan is a distinguished academic and author, having been visiting Professor at New York State University, head of the Family Research Unit, Harvard University and Director, Centre for Social Research, Sussex University. He is founder and original editor-in-chief of the journal, The International Journal of Social Science and Medicine, and sometime consultant to WHO.

‘The definitive dictionary of Scottish art’

Conal Gregory The Scotsman

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